Ten Essential Tips Ofr Delivering Successful Seo

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10 tips for effective SEO:


Before you start your SEO campaign make sure to implement a quality web stats package that lets you know what search engine spiders are visiting your site, what keywords are referring the most traffic to your site, and how many hits/page views you are getting.

Build great design

To get the best search engine visibility web designers should follow the 5 basis rules if web design which states that web site should be:

Easy to read
Easy to navigate
Easy to find
Consistent in design and layout
Quick to download

Write effective Title tag on the page

Arguably the most important ranking factor for effective natural SEO is the title denoted by the – title – tags on HTML. This title is considered primary text by the search engines meaning that all the search engines record this text and place considerable value on it. It is important because it is the first text shown in the search results as a hyperlink to your site. As a general rule a descriptive title should be 5 to 10 words for each page or 69 to 75 characters.

Body text

On your page you should always aim to have a healthy amount of descriptive body text to explain what the page is about, don’t rely on the title of the page. You should aim to have your keyword in the text as much as you can, with it still being comfortable to read. This is known as keyword density. All search engines consider words at the top of the page, above the fold as more important in value than the rest of the page

Domain and the URL

Placing key-words in the domain can have some weighting in the effectiveness of your natural SEO. The reasoning is that the terms or phrases matching the words you typed in a query are highlighted when you view the search results. This is known as search- term highlighting or term highlighting. Note; If you are going to buy and use a URL that may have already been used in the past, it is worth while checking the history of the URL.

H1, Bold, Italics

You should have your main keywords once in an H1 tag, once in bold and then once in ITALICS, this should show the search engine crawler that these are important words/phrases for the page, so in turn the crawler will make the assumption that the keywords are important for a visitor.

Anchor text

Anchor text is what we call text links. You should always try and have all text links as descriptive keywords. When a spider follows the link to your page it should have an understanding of the content. Anchor text is a great way of improving your rankings on competitive keywords.

Write fresh content

Google loves fresh content. They have a fairly new spider called freshbot, it crawls the web daily looking for new/updated pages and sites. It will then list the page at the top of their index for that sites keywords. It will stay there for a few days, if the page was just an updated version of what is already in the results it will revert back to the old version and drop back to it’s old position, if the page is brand new then it will drop completely from the index, until the next full update when it should take a permanent place in the results.


Build high quality external links to your website. Sites with high quality credible links pointing into them gain more popularity than sites with low quality links. It is rumoured that Googles places up to 60% of its weighting on quality of party external links:

See: www.barracuda-digital.co.uk/linkbuilding

Page submission

Submit the root page to all the major UK search engines on the Internet: Google, Yahoo, MSN. It will take them a while until they crawl your site fully but be patient. There are plenty of directories online, find one that fits the theme of your site and submit the root URL, again this may take a while but be patient.

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Innovative Black Hat Community Introduced – Bhseos

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BHSeos Forum is a fresh, new forum community where other fellow blackhat marketers can integrate their ideas with new custom programs built exclusively for the members. This is is a community where you can learn the newest methods and techniques to get ahead in affiliate marketing, local SEO consultant businesses, or promoting your own businesses. We focus on new and exciting custom tools built exclusively for our members – but that’s not all.. You can talk and discuss various ways of competing in tough markets online, or how to use complex tools effectively… BHSeos.com focuses on the technical aspects of SEO. We have discussions on advanced marketing strategies, and using blackhat scripts to manipulate search engine results, to outrank your competition, to get your sites indexed, to get high page rank links pointing to your sites. Struggling to properly use Xrumer, Scrapebox, Senuke, Sick Submitter, Serpassist? Having problems getting your comment spam to stick? We have specific methods, tricks, and tutorials involving the most complex programs in our industry.


We build our own custom tools and offer to our members exclusively. We have a proxy scraper, a referrer spammer, keyword generator, competition analysis, serp scraper, facebook friend adder, and a NEW exclusive backlinking tool that harvests AND spams various frameworks (currently: Laconica/StatusNet, EasyPhpGuestbook and DrbGuestbook, but many more are coming!) which are plugins so the tool will get new plugins all the time, plus you can even create your own plugins.. And that’s just after a week of launching. MANY more tools are on their way. We even take program requests – the facebook friend adder was a request from one of our first members and was delivered the next day. If you need any custom scripts created – you can ask one of the admins or other members (there’s several programmers in the forum) for help.. Plugins have been created for members that had a specific problem with multi-site WP 3.0. If you have a problem and need a solution, just ask! That’s what this forum is here for. To help our members get what they need done, and hopefully other members will benefit as well. You can’t buy that kind of service – we offer it free with your membership.


We’ll be going step by step, explaining the how and why – find out what it takes to use advanced tools – such as Scrapebox, Xrumer, and Senuke. We’ve started several threads, explaining how to get better success rates out of these tools and we’ll be going even further to provide more instruction on how to use programs to increase your online visibility.


There’s new products coming out every day in the SEO field, specifically Blackhat tools, and you never know if they’re worth the sale price they ask… We’ll be reviewing many products, going through each step necessary to successfully use these programs.


Link building is definitely an art form – when it comes to getting complex strategies down to a gameplan that an outsourcer can follow, getting your backlinks indexed, promoting the promoters, using proper keyword strategies, getting GOOD high PR links, buying links, selling links, link velocity – there’s a lot to it. The old way of just doing a Senuke run or submitting your site to directories – watching your site rise in the rankings… well, that just doesn’t work anymore. You need good strategies for getting quality links in such a way, that’s easily replicable, but not easily discounted by the search engines. New strategies are formed daily and at BHSeos.com, we’re here to help you with this process and learn from each other. Find out what works, and what doesn’t.

Here’s some examples of the discussions already posted on the forum:

The art of link building, Local SEO – Offering your expertise to local businesses, Mass Spaming with no complaints!, Grab the Keyword-Tool here, Multithreaded HTTP scanner for Linux, Grab ProxyScraper here, Product Reviews, Nested Spinning – Snippet,Testing But Not Getting Cookied, ClickBomb Protection – Lets See Programmer Deliver!,OOP – Search Engine Harvesters, PageRank Lookup, Scrape Proxies from Samair. Redirects By Referrer and Search Engines, domain availability checker, What Server/Host Setup Works best For Cookie Labs, pligg captcha exploit, Grab ReferralDaemon here, Adjacking for fun and profit!, Traffic Vance Alternative, Any Effective Facebook Friend Adders?, XSS Scanner, Introducing the BHSEOs.com API, Xrumer – Challenges, Improvements and Tips, and much, much more!

At BHSeos.com – there’s three main goals we try to achieve:

1. Discuss Blackhat SEO and methods/strategies.
2. Create programs that WORK, and that help us achieve the goals we set out in our methods/strategies for ranking in competitive markets. Create custom blackhat tools requested by our members.
3. Help and learn from other blackhat marketers. Good information is NOT easy to come by. There’s a lot of misinformation published in this industry, some on purpose, but mostly it’s just because of other sites/forums where people are spreading knowledge that they didn’t gain for themselves, and thus – they don’t even know if it’s valid (anymore). Also – the internet marketing industry is dynamic, always changing. You need to keep up with the times. Our idea is to provide you a place where you can get the knowledge and support you need – where you can use tools that actually help you achieve the results you need (whether your providing services for clients or just trying to get your own sites ranking).

BHSeos.com is NOT just another forum. I hope you take the time to check us out. Register and subscribe to BHSeos.com and you will not be disappointed.

Tips To Make Money With Seo

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SEO is important to every individual who owns a website. However, if you do not fully understand the technical aspects and do not have the funds to ask for professional help, you must find the information elsewhere. One of the best ways of doing this is to source some of the excellent information found in some of the best SEO guides available on the internet.

Who is SEO Specialist? He or She is the person who has in depth knowledge and understanding about the functioning and behavior of various search engines and ability to use this knowledge for the promotion of your websites. This experience and understanding is often used by them to get your website in the top of search engine rankings on the basis of various targeted keywords.

Choosing your keywords isn’t as easy as just picking the word you use the most. You want to use keywords with a high rate of search, but a low competition value. In other words, keywords used frequently by searchers, but not by a lot of other websites. The term for this “high rate vs. low competition” formula is called KEI, or “Keyword Effectiveness Index”, and most professional SEO consultants use the KEI formula.

Here is the list of essential ethical SEO skills that may be mastered by the SEO professional:

• Link building skill
• Keyword analysis
• Copywriting
• Account management
• HTML skills
• On page SEO tactics like tagging/titling etc
• Marketing/sales strategies planning / SMO
• Web analytics
• Server side management
• Online public relation skills
• Awareness of all SEO tools/techniques
• Blog marketing
• Ability to research/search online
• Social SEO media

Example tools that help a webmaster safe time are the sandbox detection tool, ranking tool, back link tool, keyword popularity tool. Search engine seo tools are tools that can make a web master successful in achieving information in a short period of time.

There are many seo tools that can be found on the internet. I would suggest that you research each tool web site and make sure that there are no restrictions to that particular tool. Check for any copy rights before downloading a tool.

When it comes to developing the best SEO, you need to remain constantly aware of trends and changes of cyberspace. You cannot just sit back and expect your first endeavor at SEO to cover all your problems. The best SEO plan is the one that develops and advances over time. Your SEO plan need to be flexible and rich.

Third, when it comes to developing the best SEO, you need to remain constantly abreast of trends and changes in cyberspace. You can not sit back and just assume your first stab at SEO will solve your problems over the long term. The best SEO plan is one that develops and advances over time. Your SEO plan needs to be adaptable and vibrant.

Only you can decide to do what is necessary to learn more about Search Engine Optimization and make it profitable.

Understanding The Importance Of Building Links For Your Website

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Backlink building is the system of making significant, one way links for your site, and is referred to as one of the most fundamental online marketing strategy still used up to these days. Backlink building is still among the finest and easiest ways of enhancing the position of a certain website in the SERPs or known as Search Engine Result Pages, even though there are recent alterations in the algorithm of Google.

Its importance can be shown on the distinctive advantages that it might offer when it’s completed. But just before we go on deeper, let us first discuss some of its principal importance. The following details are listed below:

1. It enhances web site traffic

A backlink building technique is quite efficient if adequately achieve because of the fact that it can boost the pageview of a site up to 600%. Of course, this consists of the selection of the finest keywords, ethical techniques and seeking relevant inbound links that demand considerable time. The full method could take for a matter of time in order for the site to get its most desired spot light. The method may at least run for 2 to 3 months just before finishing it. Also, think of the online rivals out there which could slow you down in winning the competition.

2. It surges up your positions in the SERPs

Having higher rankings in the SERPs simply suggests that all your employed link building approaches have been effective and draw out the great results. Achieving the position that you like is really possible particularly if you use other programs such as the article submitter. You’ll certainly be capable to obtain more traffic to your site after you obtain a top rank in leading search engines.

3. It creates a better business branding

Link building isn’t only able of providing you top ranking place in every search engine but also setting up an improved business trademark as well. This commonly depends on the inbound links quality you have pulled together from various sites related to yours. There is a huge probability that lots of individuals will be able to notice your site and show appreciation to you if you’ll left a relevant link on a certain website leading to your own site.

How is the whole process of link building carried out?

Actually, there are many ways of making inbound links with quality for your own site. These methods include web directory submission, blog commenting, social bookmarking and the best is article submission. With regards to article submission, it is fundamentally the course of submitting high quality articles to different article directories like Article Dashboard and Ezine Articles; making use of an article submitter with either manually or semi automatically – one example of a submitter is known as the SEOsoftware.

With the availability of SEO software which is among the article submitter software, more time will be saved in any link building procedure. Such article submitter software, the SEOsoftware, works out by publishing your written piece to its wide database of article directories all over the internet. These high quality directories provides handful volume of link juice to your website, which is sufficient to broaden your online exposure a bit.

Backlinks are essentially the backbone of a marketing method of any internet business depending on an SEO point of view. Failure to incorporate them on any online strategy will likewise guarantee breakdown of your business, as these things are very critical in making your sites web presence.